Dear Miley


a letter to Miley Cyrus in reference to her 2013 VMA’s performance

Dear Miley,

I don’t need to ask why.
I’m aware of the lust in my own heart for attention. For people to notice me, talk about me, remember me.

I don’t need to be shocked.
Because I’m thoroughly familiar with the sinfulness that resides in my heart and every human heart that ever lived.

I don’t even need to be angry at you.
Sure – you’re the one who initially performed in that way. But anyone is capable of doing the same thing – and even much worse.


Do you know how this makes me respond? In desperate protection.

Protection of my own heart.
Which is why I will not watch even a clip of your performance. Even I don’t know the filthiness that resides in my own soul. I refuse to subject my eyes, ears, and heart to such an event.

Protection of my children.
I wish I could protect my kids from every evil in this world. But that’s not real life. No, the protection they need can only be found in Jesus. In learning to think through every event in a Biblical way. Does that mean I will show them your performance from Sunday night? Never.

Miley, I pray that you will soon understand just how far your influence reaches and exactly how devastating your recent actions have been to the purity of many – especially to children.

But until Jesus returns, I know the occurrence of events like this are only the beginning.

And you can count on the fact that, by the grace of God, I will continue to remain desperate for the protection of myself and my family.


  1. Jeanette says:

    I am proud to claim you as my Youth Pastor’s wife. God bless you for posting such a well spoken rebuttal to a sad turn of events. I too have willfully boycotted the event, but can you believe as I was posting, a very unwanted picture of her in her “outfit” (or lack thereof) appeared on my screen? The evil one is alive and well – suppose I had been a pre-teen. SAD.

  2. Andrea says:

    Amen! I feel for her because she was such a big start when she was younger and now she is a grown woman trying to find herself in a world that remembers her as Hannah Montana. I think it is hard for young actors of both genders to carve out for themselves a path of adult hood when they have grown up in the eyes of children and as children. I do praise those who have done so like some of these other childhood stars that we don’t see much in the news. I think instead of “tearing” Miley down we should explain to our children what she did was wrong and why but then also look up those other childhood stars that “seem” to have things under control and talk to our children about no one is perfect except Jesus Christ and that we all need to look at our own actions and even though we might not know or think we influence anyone we just might and therefore really need to forgive and continue to pray for those who think they have to do surprising things to get attention and show by example how we can witness to those around us.

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