Day 19 :: Day In – Day Out

Spending special time together each day is crucial for every married couple.
But it’s not always (um…is it ever??) possible to have a night out every. day. of. the. week.
That’s where this advice from Mary is so helpful:


“Having two kids ages 15 and 12 makes for a very busy life,
especially since we homeschool *and* have very active children.
Hubs gets home from a long workday around 6:00 p.m.
I try to keep things calm and quiet for the first half hour while he acclimates from a very orderly work environment
back to our home environment 🙂
During that thirty minutes, we go to the computer and pull up the crossword puzzle for the day.
I know we’re nerds, but we love spending this kind of time together.
The fun of the daily puzzle is that you’re timed, so of course our goal each day is to shorten our previous times.
Sometimes we know most of the words and we can work the puzzle in five or six minutes.
Sometimes, the puzzle is a bear and it can take up to ten minutes – at which point we laugh so hard at ourselves.
Afterward, we’re ready to get into the evening routine of dinner, more homeschool (he teaches math for me), and getting ready for the next day.”
~ Mary, married 19 years
Bingo!! Thank you, Mary! Dating doesn’t have to = husband + wife + candlelight + large dinner bill. In fact, just the other night my hubby and I sat on the couch together, drank some hot tea (that a dear lady at church gave us), and talked for 15 minutes.
Cost = $0.
But it was awesome to have time just to sit and reconnect with him.
How do you date your spouse – day in and day out?
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  1. Jennifer says:

    Seth and I have gotten into the habit of taking walks together when I get home from work. It’s absolutley wonderful to be outside enjoying God’s creation, holding my hubby’s hand and talking about things whether big or small. It’s a gerat time to refresh our spirits after being out of the home for most of the day.

  2. This is such a great reminder. Right now, in our stage in life, things are so crazy. My husband is in his last semester of college and in a show. He has rehearsals nearly every night. I’m a substitute teacher/tutor. He gets home very late, I’m awake very early. Yesterday I had to stay up to see him, but he had a lot of homework, so we only sat with each other for about 10 minutes and talked.

    What can we do in this season of life?

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