Dare to Compare {or not}

I’ll admit it – I’m a fan of Pinterest. I’ve gotten awesome recipes, decor ideas, and general inspiration from the site. If they close down or start charging $ to use their site, I will mourn (very briefly) the absence from my homemaking life.

But there’s something with Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and really any social media outlet…they always show other peoples’ lives. And as I’ve shared before, it’s always the BEST part of others’ lives.

Because – let’s face it –
I don’t want to scroll through Pinterest and see pictures of
dirty toilets, burnt meals, & ruined relationships.

So let’s stop wishing people would stop posting perfect pictures of their homes, families, and meal plans. And let’s put the responsibility right back where it belongs: On us.

dare to compare

It’s not the perfect pictures you see. It’s what you think after you see that picture.

Comparing your house to theirs? Your meal plan {or lack thereof} to the chef-inspired one? And it’s maybe making you jealous, right?

Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt.

That’s when this verse comes to mind:


God gives us this command to protect us.

So, how do you stop comparing? 

One simple thing. Well, it’s simple to say and a little harder to do:

Give thanks.

The next time you see that drool-worthy status, gorgeous home, or seemingly perfect relationship, choose to give thanks instead of comparing.
I promise you’ll walk away from your social media with a full heart.

Who’s with me?









  1. Ugh, I so need to do this. I heard somewhere (and I’m sure you’ve heard it) that we compare our “behind the scenes” to other people’s “highlight reel” and it’s SO true!

  2. Andrea Cooley says:

    What a great reminder! I can easily fall into the comparison trap and it’s not pretty!

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