Curb Appeal {on the cheap} 2/6

On Monday, I introduced a new series taking place here at Brown Sugar Toast entitled Curb Appeal {on the cheap}! If you missed Step 1, click here or on the graphic below to get that tip!



This next step can vary quite a bit in cost. You can take it to the max and spend a bookoodle of $$$. Or you can go a bit more minimalist and just spend a small amount.

curb appeal step2

Even if your budget is literally $0, you can still spruce up the front of your home by clearing out any weed/flower beds in front of your home.
If you have a teeny budget, try going for flowers and greenery that spreads instead of just 1 lonely plant. Also, now that we’re in yard sale season, this is a GREAT time to be on the lookout for pots or other items to put on your porch and fill with plants! Don’t limit yourself to looking for a plant pot either. Baskets, barrels, wooden chairs, tree stumps – all of these items could look awesome with a plant in it. Use your imagination and find something you love!

Do you have any greenery in the front of your home? What’s your favorite plant to grow outside?


For picture sources, check out my pinterest board, Curb Appeal!

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  1. My favorite thing that adds a TON OF GREEN to my home is 2 hanging ferns on my porch. I would literally not spend any money each spring if I had to, but yet make sure I had those.

    The other thing that adds a lot is just cleaning out and remulching the flower beds – literally like a fresh coat of paint in a room – cleans everything up and makes it look gorgeous.

    Another way I have been maximizing any money I do spend on plants is I have been striving to buy ONLY perennial plants (plants that come back year after year). So I may spend $10-15 in the spring on new plants but those plants will come back again and again AND some of them propogate and I can split them in future years to make more plants. So the next year I have all of last years plants already blooming and in place and I can just add to it instead of having to replace the same thing year after year. I try to not buy any plants now unless they are perennials.

  2. Christa says:

    GREAT ideas, Christina!!! And a great time to get mulch and flowers is on Memorial Day during some of the sales! Lowes and Home Depot usually have some pretty great deals on home improvement items during this weekend!

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