Curb Appeal :: Before & After

Alright, guys, I’ve been toying with you for long enough. We started our Curb Appeal {on the cheap} series in May and I made this insane promise to show you the outside of my house. Insane, I tell ya. I must have typed that promise out before having coffee or something.

Really, I was going to show you these things earlier, but then Father’s Day happened and so did my birthday {which, by the way, have you entered the giveaway?}, so that pushed everything later. However, today is the day. Promise.

Let’s remind ourselves what things looked like at the beginning, shall we?

before outside

And a closeup of the porch reveals even more exciting times…

front porch before


After painting the chairs & moving the grill, things started to improve.

chair makeover11


And when I found & stuffed 2 pillow covers, the curb appeal went way up for me.

recovered pillows2


At long last, my friends, things looked like this:



Here’s a little breakdown of what happened:

after details

So, let’s go into detail with some of those things, shall we?

  • pulled up many gajillion ivy vines: no kidding. this took foreeeeeveeeerrrrr. We complicated things by being all “we-aren’t-spending-money” and didn’t even use gloves. Smart. #notreally
  • mulched most of the front beds: yes, we did. we got in on a Memorial Day sale at Lowe’s and decided to pretty things up with some black mulch. Remember these pics of my lovely black nails on Memorial Day? Free manicures are always the best.
  • changed wreath: created out of materials I already had on hand. that means free. me likey.
  • painted chairs: Already explained here.
  • added pillows: and that was explained here.
  • moved grill: pretty sure that’s self-explanatory.

after porch closeup small

People. These next 2 items are the coolest things ever.

  • created a rock border: All the rocks you see lining the beds? We found them while weeding. Yeah. They weren’t all in a pretty line either. They were piled on top of each other, under piles of dirt & pine straw, and behind bushes. Weird, right? We started just pulling them out and putting them on the sidewalk, then Jonathan was like, “hey, we should use these to line the beds!” He’s brilliant, I tell ya.
  • miraculous hosta plants: so, after I weeded the right bed, I came out a few days later to see these lovely green plants beginning to grow. Seriously. And they were placed perfectly. I think it’s just something God did to show me He cares about little things.

And just because, here’s one last look at the before & after right next to each other:

before and after2

Ideally, I would love to get rid of those black scroll-y post things. But since we rent, that’s not really up to us. So sometimes I imagine they are not there. {teehee} Well, really, I think it’s good for me to have things like that in my life. It reminds me that my treasure is not on this earth. And that includes my home!

So, have any of you been sprucing up the outside of your home? I would looooooove  to hear about it!! If there’s one thing better than fixing my own home, it’s hearing about other people working on theirs! Share, share!







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  1. Diana says:

    So pretty! I love the hostas 🙂 Can you divide hostas, I wonder? You could have a whole miracle garden 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Five in Tow says:

    I love it! Those chairs are amazing–what a difference!

    And to Diana–you absolutely can divide hostas. Try it in the fall or early spring. They grow like mad and will actually benefit from dividing from time to time!

  3. Christa says:

    Thanks, Victoria! For now, we’ll probably just leave them the way they are. I wouldn’t want to paint them anything that would make them more noticeable. If time & $ permits, I would love to try boxing them out!

  4. Christa says:

    Oooohhhh…good to know about the season to divide hostas. I guess I’ll have to wait a few months, but then will definitely plan on dividing them!!

  5. Looks great, Christa!! your pillows and chairs really brightened it up.

    Have you thought of spray painting or painting those posts? maybe white or even just black again so they would be all nice and new and shiny looking?

    I love hostas! they are such hardy plants and pretty much require nothing. Did you know you can split them? so you could fill your bed with pretty plants just off the ones you have? If you need more info – ask. I bought 5 plants for $1.00 each about 5 years ago and I probably have 25 now and have given away 10 or more 🙂 I usually split and add more elsewhere each year.

  6. Christa says:

    thanks, Christina!! yes – someone else mentioned painting the posts and splitting the hostas! I’m definitely planning to split up the hostas, but at this point, I’m not going to paint the posts. If I put any time and $ into them, I’d rather it be into boxing them out. Soooo…for now they stay as they are. 😉 Thanks for the great suggestions!!

  7. Laine says:

    I didn’t know a thing about hostas. I pretty much know nothing about plants except garden veggies. =D That is so cool though, I think I’m going to have to look into those! And all of those changes made a big impact on the front of your home. Good job!

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