I have it.

I had just told my husband on Monday night, “I would love to lose my voice. It’s so cool when people lose their voices and I’ve never been able to lose mine.”

Tuesday morning: Wake up.


“____________ __________   _________________.”

“_____________________  _____________________________________ ___________________!!!!!”

You think that’s hard to understand? Try being my daughter.

I wouldn’t really mind having my voice gone if it weren’t for the crud that has accompanied it. Any spare moments I have are consumed with me in a horizontal position, hoping the man next door will stop banging. Oh wait, that’s just my head.

But it’s okay. Really, it is. As I’m typing this, my husband just texted me:

“Don’t fix supper tonight. I’ll get carry-out from somewhere.”

Boy. How did I end up with such a keeper?

I’ll be back Friday. Hopefully crud-less.


p.s. thanks to Merriam-Webster for the awesome definition.


  1. bobbie says:

    I am so sorry to hear that you have the CRUD! That sounds like what I had last week! I didn’t think you could catch it through blogging. 🙂 So Not fun! I was without my voice for 6 days… and I am on an antibiotic now. Praying for you!

  2. this is such a funny coincidence… I was just coming over to your blog to catch up with you after not reading blogs for a good while, and here I find you’ve been struggling with the exact same thing we’ve had since easter in our home! I was totally voiceless for a week! When you are chasing around a 23 month old that is quite a handicap! So I feel your pain. 🙂 I finally have my voice back and now I just sound like a smokey, sizzling soul singer. 😉


  3. Christa says:

    Bleachhh…no fun! I had to laugh at your smokey, sizzling soul singer description! 😀 I keep telling my hubby I sound like an old smoker. lol!!

  4. awww… so sorry you don’t feel good. Everyone around me has been sick – hubby and now all my nieces and people at church. And even though I can’t say, “I have a sore throat, or I am running a fever, etc.” I just feel blah… want to sleep all day, head hurts, can’t get my energy back.

    so hoping you feel better soon and that I don’t officially get whatever is going around – stomach flu stuff here – yuck!

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