coffee chat #2

coffee chat

This week I met with a friend to talk about homeschooling. She was a great blessing to my heart and I came away much more excited about the possibilities and blessings of homeschooling. In addition, she gave me a box full of books, games, and manipulatives which made both me + my kids quite ecstatic. It was a shot in the arm I didn’t even know I needed. Thankfully there’s a God in charge of everything who knows what I need a whole lot better than I do.

I’ve been loving this dirty chai lately. I found it at Target a couple weeks ago and it’s been a favorite afternoon treat. I drink it with a little milk + sugar. Of course, it’s not as rich and creamy as the ones from Sbux, but then again it’s also lower in cost and calories.

A friend gave me this candle last week and I’ve been burning it regularly ever since. I’ve mentioned before that I’m an annoying saver with special things such as gift cards + candles. (I call to witness the votive candle my parents gave me several years ago and I just burned last week.) But I’m trying to do better at just using and thoroughly enjoying them, not just enjoying the idea of them. Clearly, there is still improvement to be made in this area.

I got these ankle boots yesterday. I went in looking for some flats in a gray-ish, neutral-ish color, but I didn’t find my size in any I liked. However, these boots called out to me from another aisle and, ya know, it’s just rude to ignore something that calls for your attention. So when I turned to look, I decided to try them on. From there, I asked my kids how they looked because they were the closest people around and the only style police available. “Mommy, of course they look good!” I’ll take it. The jury is still out on whether I will return them or not, seeing as they weren’t exactly what I went in to buy. But I had a coupon that expired yesterday, so I figured I’d buy them and then decide later. I think I’ll hang onto them until I figure out exactly how useful they would be in my closet.

Tonight is a couple’s night for Jonathan and I. (We did a video on our couple’s nights here if you missed it!) I am so excited about it. He’s been cranking out a big paper for one of his classes, so he’s had a lot of early mornings + late nights recently. I’m debating about making these for our date night. I just…ugh…they sound nasty. I’ve already shared my feelings about dates, but I’ve heard rave reviews about this recipe (talking to you, Audrey!), so I might give it a go.

And on a more serious note, I re-read this post yesterday entitled How to Keep Falling in Love With Your Husband. Really excellent.

I hope you all have a very wonderful weekend! If you’ve come across anything you love recently, please share in the comments – or let me know on facebook! I truly love to see what you’re up to!



  1. Audrey says:

    So did you make them??? I hope they were delicious! Now I’m going to have to figure out how to get them onto our Thanksgiving menu… 🙂

  2. Christa says:

    So we made them and…they will not be a frequent addition to our menu plan. 😉 I’m glad I tried them, though, because I wouldn’t have known. 😀

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