Nov 262012

If you follow me on facebook, you may have noticed this little announcement I posted about an upcoming series:

Well, this series begins TODAY! I, along with 3 other bloggers {Christina from The Frugal Homemaker, Laine from It’s Just Laine, & Heather from Thrifty Stories} will share a Christmas craft, recipe, gift idea, etc. with you. We’ve been planning this series for a couple weeks and let me just say – I’m excited to read all these great ideas!

I’m here to kick off the series, so to all you joining me from The Frugal Homemaker, Thrifty Stories, & It’s Just Laine – Welcome!! If you want to know a little more about the mom behind this post, check out this page where you’ll find more than you ever wanted to know. For now, let’s get down to the good stuff!

6 weeks ago, I saw this pin on pinterest and loved it:

Then last week, I was browsing Pottery Barn’s website and admiring all their gorgeous Christmas decor. Again, I happened upon a similar image:

See that red arrow? Pointing to the price? Yeah. Guys, you know I have a pretty huge crush on Pottery Barn but … I knew there was no way on this green {brown?} earth that I was going to be shelling out $19.50 for that.


So I made my own.

Knock-off Pottery Barn Pinecone Cluster - so festive! Plus, all it takes is ribbon, glue, and pinecones!

It’s a simple project that you can do. You can even get your kids/friends/husband/pets involved. {And no, there’s not a correlation between husbands & pets. I just happened to list them right next to each other. And yes, I did have to use spell check to learn how to spell “correlation.”}

My kind hubby, Jonathan, grabbed these pinecones for me several weeks ago while he was getting firewood. I know – what a guy, right?

Here’s what I started with:

Knock-off Pottery Barn Pinecone Cluster - so festive! Plus, all it takes is ribbon, glue, and pinecones!

Red satin ribbon {$1 at a yard sale}, 7 pinecones, & hot glue {just imagine it’s there}.

Fire up that hot glue gun, squeeze out a bit on the end of your pinecone, & place the ribbon in it:

Knock-off Pottery Barn Pinecone Cluster - so festive! Plus, all it takes is ribbon, glue, and pinecones!

I wanted my pinecones to be somewhat staggered in length, so I just kept holding the glued pinecone+ribbon up to figure out what length to cut my next piece of ribbon.

Keep gluing until all your pinecones have ribbons attached. In my original pin, you can see the ribbons are tied together in one big knot. I like that idea, but it didn’t look good when I did it, so I decided to add a bow on top.

It’s attached to my door using a 3M wreath hanger. I just positioned the ribbon on top of the hanger like this:

Knock-off Pottery Barn Pinecone Cluster - so festive! Plus, all it takes is ribbon, glue, and pinecones!

And there you have it! My very own pinecone cluster which cost me $1 + about 20 minutes to make.

Knock-off Pottery Barn Pinecone Cluster - so festive! Plus, all it takes is ribbon, glue, and pinecones!

It looks easy, right? That’s because it is. Simple & beautiful decor on my kind o’ budget.

I’ll keep you updated via facebook & twitter about the new posts in the series, so go ahead and connect with me there if you want the updates! Or just sign up for free email updates so you won’t miss a thing! I’ll be back here on Wednesday to share something you need.





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  37 Responses to “Clusters of Goodness”

  1. Well, I was going to put away the pinecones from my fall decor until I saw this!
    Kerry recently posted..Pioneer Woman Pecan Pie…Again

  2. Good girl! Keep those pretties out!! :D

  3. Thanks for the idea! We have tons of pine trees, and I’ve been wanting to do something with pinecones for Christmas decor this year. I’ll give it a try! :)

  4. LOVE, LOVE! I have a huge box of pinecones just waiting for me to do something with them :) love that is almost free if you use ribbon you already have. I like your bow better too – the red is so festive!

    can I have your white door?? cause I love this but it would look horrible on my burgundy outside door. May have to hang it on my inside white door :)
    Christina @ The Frugal Homemaker recently posted..A Homemade Christmas (3 week collaborative series starting Monday)

  5. sure thing. yeah for FaaahhhhhREE!!!! :)

  6. ooohhh…you could always do it on your burgundy door with some yummy cream ribbon. or poppin’ gold..or silver. Ooohhh…maybe silver – that would be gorgeous! and it would go with your new colors!

  7. Sometimes the simplest things are best. Love Pottery Barn…..can’t believe the prices! Nice job.

  8. thanks, Laurie!! glad you stopped by for the fun series. :)

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  10. I have a bunch of large pine cones that I had no idea what I was going to do with them. Now I know… Thanks for the inspiration! Now I just have to find a color ribbon that I like.
    Dawn Bateman recently posted..Advent Calendar with Activities

  11. sure thing! love finding inspiration for beautiful things!

  12. [...] did you stop by and see Christa’s craft yesterday?  Wasn’t that beautiful?!  If you haven’t had the opportunity to see it, [...]

  13. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this. Now I’m going to have to make one with pine cones from our back yard. Great job! Your pictures are gorgeous. ;)
    Heather@ThriftyStories recently posted..Poinsettia Pillow (Pottery Barn Knock-off)

  14. Thanks, Heather!! Have fun crafting!

  15. So pretty! Love the price tag too!
    Renee@ Living Laughing & Loving recently posted..Finally. A Classroom Tour!

  16. Oh my goodness, just found this on Pinterest! I have bags of pinecones that my kids collected and wasn’t sure what to do with them. Now I know – thanks so much.

  17. Sure thing, Vicky! Enjoy the *free* decor!

  18. I love these so much! I love the simplicity and the boldness of the bright red ribbon. I’m adding this on my to-do list if I ever find the time!
    Kristi recently posted..Easy Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

  19. glad you liked it! thanks for letting me know! :)

  20. Wooty! Saw someone pinned your craft on pinterest!

  21. Currently hanging on my front door. Thanks for the great idea :)

  22. yea!!! glad you like it! easy, right? :)

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  24. I love yours much better than Pottery Barn’s!:)
    Janet recently posted..Amazon’s 25 Days of Free Christmas Songs

  25. My husband sais he really likes this–better than a wreath! I’d have to ask people for pinecones, though–there are no trees in the desert! (Some people have pine trees in their yards, though).

    My wreath has seen better days. . . . I think this is the last year for it.

    I’m doing a homemade Christmas as well over on my blog. It’s called A Gift a Day:

  26. thanks so much, Janet! I do too. ;) thanks for stopping by!

  27. I’m sure someone would be happy to share – even if only to rid their yard of them! :) glad you liked it. thanks for stopping by!

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  29. Will the sticky bun recipe come out as good if I make the dough in my bread maker?

  30. hey Gio! that would be a question for Heather @ Thrifty Stories. That’s her recipe! :) You can find her here.

  31. Your’s is much prettier than that of Pottery Barn!

  32. Love the pinecone cluster. Wreaths are to fat to put on my door, storm won’t shut. Can’t wait to try this!! Thanks!

  33. [...] ( created a lovely pine cone cluster as part of her holiday decorations, and I had been waiting for just the right way to use a few of [...]

  34. sure thing! thanks for stopping by, Deb!

  35. […] looking for something else a bit simpler to make for your front door?  How about this lovely pinecone cluster from Brown Sugar Toast.  Customize your ribbon with burlap, orange ribbon or a fun plaid for […]

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