Closet Reveal

Over a month ago, I showed you horrifically messy pictures of the closet in my living room. If you missed those glorious pictures and want to make yourself feel better by seeing my lack of organization, click here.

During the last month, I took everything out of the closet that didn’t belong. And then I started filling it up with a bunch of stuff. You may remember a few status updates on facebook about organizing and purging? Well, I decided to temporarily use that closet as a home to store everything I wanted to get rid of but was too good to throw away. It became a “donation closet” of sorts. I listed some of the bigger items on craigslist, then finally just loaded it all in the car and took it to goodwill. That left me with a clean closet and oh – it felt/feels so good.

Remember this site?

messy front closet


And now {drumroll please}…I present to you:

closet closed

Mr. Closet Reveal. Hey look – you can actually see the floor!

Here’s a before & after shot so you can see the stark contrast yet again:

before and after

I promise I didn’t just move all the stuff to another closet.

But some of it {suitcases, sleeping bag, randomness} didn’t even belong in the front closet, so I moved that with other “like” items.
And some was junk we just needed to get rid of {ex. the printer on the top shelf that we haven’t used for approximately 4 years}.

So here’s the top shelf of slightly random items:

  • highchair
  • wet/dry vacuum
  • large assortment of games
  • air filters {which you cannot see because they’re to the left of the highchair}

top shelf closet


And the bottom is pure delicious nothingness right now. I love it.

right side closet

As of right now, I’m not planning to convert it into anything like a home office or reading nook. Both of those options require lighting and I don’t want to do anything crazy since we’re renting. Not to mention I’ve never worked with wiring anything in my life. Besides jewelry wire. Which is probably just a weeeee bit different than electrical stuff, amiright?

I’ll add some more hangers in there so we can actually use this closet as a coat closet for guests instead of draping coats over the couch. We are insanely classy like that. Other than that, I’m calling this closet D.O.N.E.

So, have you been doing any purging lately? Do tell!







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  1. Laura says:

    Beautiful! Just the motivation I need to tackle our walk in/through closet…. now I just have to find the time to do it…. hopefully next week after Little Man’s birthday (WHERE has the last year gone?!) 🙂

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