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Before I get to today’s post…just have to mention that my Bird’s Nest Necklace tutorial was featured on The Crafty Blog Stalker last Saturday! Katie has compiled some awesome tutorials over on her blog and I’m so grateful she decided to include mine! If you haven’t checked out The Crafty Blog Stalker, prepare to be inspired. Thanks, Katie!!


I threatened in my wardrobe post to show off some of my closet spaces.

“Threatened” is the perfect word to use in this context. Why? Because I’m about to show you some messy pictures of my home – specifically, my closet. I didn’t clean anything before taking these pictures. In fact, if you come to my house right now, my closet looks exactly the same. There you have it: full disclosure. Now we can begin.

This is the closet in my living room:

messy closet

And I know you want to see the messiness just a bit closer, don’t you? Sure – why not?

messy front closet

As you can tell, there is no real rhyme or reason to this closet. It’s a game/coat/suitcase/sleeping bag/ironing board/vacuum/random closet. It’s not organized. Although I do think I deserve a point for having my games in a stack. And my coats hung on hangers. Right? I mean, things could be worse.

Clearly, I’m not pleased with this closet as it is. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do about it. But I’ve been gathering inspiration via Pinterest. And now that I’ve actually broken down and shown you these messy pictures of my closet, a cleaning can’t be too far away.

So here are my inspiration pictures:

Tonya from Love of Family and Home took an ordinary coat closet and turned it into a gor-geous{!!!} home office. It helps that she has an awesome Dad who’s local and is quite the handyman. Go, Tonya & Dad! You’ve gotta check out the before picture to see the amazing transformation!

Closet Office

I’m not a big fan of the design of this office. If I ever closed the doors, I would most likely go crazy. There’s just too.much.going.on. But still, the idea of a closet office is there. And for today, we’ll focus on the positive aspects of this picture:

country living

A simply lovely office from I Heart Organizing. {And I know I said I was going to focus on the positive aspects of the above picture, but allow me to point out one thing. Below is an example of wallpaper done well. A small space is a perfect candidate for wallpaper that would be way too much for a large room. However, that doesn’t mean you should pick the most colorful wallpaper you can find. Neither should you match the desk and doors to the wallpaper. Ok. Rant over. Promise.} Let’s just gaze at the loveliness below, shall we?


A little peak of Michelle Smith’s office. Storage, a place for random papers, lighting, and a clear space in which to work & think. Well done.

home office

Clearly, this last option is not a home office. It’s even better – a little reading nook for your kids! Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick put the sweat, blood & tears into this project. What I love most about it is that this is a place my daughter would loooove. She loves to read {even though she can’t actually read yet} and I’m a huge fan of encouraging her love for reading.

nook closet

So, there’s some of the inspiration I’ve been gathering lately. I can’t do anything crazy drastic because we rent our house. And, ya know, don’t want to do something that would be crazy hard to reverse. But cleaning and organizing is definitely an option. So, keep your eyes peeled. Because I’m hoping to get movin’ on this project soon.

What’s your vote? Home office? Book Nook? Clean coat closet? Something else?


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