Christmas Home Tour


knock, knock

(Ahhhh!!! Someone’s here?!?! I hope it’s just the UPS man – I’m still in my pajamas and the house is a wreck.)

Oh hi! It’s you. And you want to see my house? Ooooookay, but you have to promise to squint and tell me it looks beautiful even if you don’t really think it’s true. Deal? Okay, come on in.

This first room is the living room, where I have my “Noel” sign on the window sill:

(see how I made my sign out of cardboard)

Then you come into the dining room/kitchen area. On the island, I have one of my most special Christmas decorations:

This candle holder is from my dear hubby. He gave it to me the first year we were married (on our 6 month-iversary, actually) and I just love it. There are 4 children around it and I named them all. Unfortunately, I forget their names. I think this little girl’s name is Ellen. She just looks like an Ellen to me. Something about her hair… I’ll let you know if I think of the other children’s names. 😉

One of the slightly strange parts about my kitchen is the area above the sink. Strange – only because there’s a large mirror above it.

So every time I’m washing dishes, I can look up and see the beautiful scenery…

oh wait, that’s my reflection and I forgot to put on my makeup this morning. Whoops.

So here’s my little solution to the mirror:

(see my fabric covered cabinets? still goin’ strong…) 

That ornament wreath looks ginormous, but it’s only because of the reflection. Here’s a closer pic:

See? It’s really not as big as it seems. And if you look at those silver balls you can see my reflection and – more importantly – the reflection of my dirty bowl. I ate some chili before shooting this pic…in case you were curious.

My Christmas tree is in my dining room:

(you can see the whole thing right here and see my DIY furry-licious tree skirt here)

My table stays like this throughout the season:

and above the table hangs my favorite tradition ever:


Do you know what that is? It’s a massive mistletoe ball. I tell my little girl it’s a kissing ball and kiss her a thousand million times when she gets under it. I decided I should tell you what it is because my brother-in-law informed me that it doesn’t look like mistletoe. My hubby agreed with him. But my love for it remains strong. I know mistletoe isn’t glittery and all, but I think it looks prettier this way. (Last year, I had this hanging on my fan (which was on an already low ceiling) and it bonked a few people in the head. I think that’s why it wasn’t too popular with my already-tall bro-in-law.) 😉

In our den (that we never call a “den”) I have a few scattered decorations and magazines:

Those ornaments are leftover from the ornament wreath I made (the one over my kitchen sink). Some of the tops broke, so I put them in this big glass vase. Voila – instant Christmas decor!

I only have one little Christmas thing in my guest room.

A Christmas bowl of glittery pinecones on a stack of books:

I had to show you 2 angles of that “scene” because I think it’s so pretty. 🙂

Wait -what’s that? You have to use the bathroom?

No problem…I’ve gotcha covered. First room to the right.

Here’s an “aerial view” (read: me standing on the toilet to take the pic):

I asked my little girl to shut the door so you could see the whole shower curtain of santa taking a bath. 🙂 She loves this room and loves telling people about it when they come to our house.

We have a little towel:

and Santa to go with it:

plus a few friends hangin’ out on the wall:

That’s about it. I decided not to put up every. single. Christmas decoration this year because of recently having a baby and not wanting to overdo it.

Thanks for stopping by – hope you enjoyed your visit and weren’t turned off by me still being in my pajamas. It hasn’t been 6 weeks since I gave birth, though, so I think I’m still allowed to be in my pj’s until at least noon every day. Right? That’s what my doctor said. 😉

Make sure to stop in again on Friday because I’m sharing my very favoritest ever Christmas cookie recipe.


Until then…
~Christa 🙂


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  1. becky says:

    I LOVE your home, Christa! LOVE your ornament wreath, LOVE your kissing ball, LOVE your Santa bathroom (oh my girls would think that shower curtain is the best!), and LOVE the little girl closing the door… aDORable. You did a beautiful job! 🙂

  2. Christina says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! 🙂 Your runner/table is beautimous.

    love your mistletoe ball! 🙂 I have one too only it is not glittery. I actually have a place here where I can get real mistletoe but it is not very pretty – looks pretty much like the fungus that it is – LOL! (I haven’t gotten mine out yet – need to do that – but wait we are having dating couples over for our college activity this Saturday, maybe I should wait till after that 😉

    And your bathroom is adorable!! 🙂 I don’t go all out decorating mine but I do have something fun in there that you will have to wait to see on (when I finally clean the clutter off the tables so I can take a picture)

    Thanks for having me over! 🙂

  3. Wanda MacAvly says:

    Hi Christa,
    I may need to put together a blog for my book, so I’m checking yours out more!!! Looks great! YOU come through every word and picture!

  4. Jenny says:

    Genius!! I have to tell you that on my list of things that I’m thankful for in 2011, you have a special spot!! I’m so glad we met and I have a SITstah like you! And, for all of the lovely ideas you shoot out to us. The mistletoe ball idea is AWESOME!! I think my boys would even like it!

    You’ll have to stop by for some coffee sometime…I’ll warn you my house isn’t as beautiful and festive as yours. Hugs!!

  5. Abby says:

    I love your Christmas decor and it is cool how you even decorated the bathroom for Christmas. I haven’t thought of doing that before:).

  6. Your home looks beautiful for Christmas! Your tree is wonderful. I think your mistletoe ball is so pretty! I love that you decorated the bathroom… how fun is that?! How sweet that your little girl tells people about it when they come to your house! That is too cute! Thanks for the great tour! 🙂

  7. Mel says:

    Am visiting from Auckland, New Zealand, getting inspiration and ideas for next christmas. I love the santa shower curtain.

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