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What to Do With 40 Pounds of Chicken

Last week during our coffee chat, I mentioned that I had bought 40 pounds of farm fresh chicken. How does one deal with 40 pounds of chicken, you ask? Allow me to share – from personal experience – what to do with 40 pounds of chicken. #1 – Prep your space. I planned to freeze at least 90% of …

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on inviting yourself to someone’s home

Sometimes I invite myself over to other people’s homes. It has a lot of awkward potential, as I’m sure you can imagine. But there’s something about being in someone’s home that helps you get to know them better, you know? It’s like you see them in their place surrounded by their stuff and doing what they’re …

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Friday Faves :: let’s talk dessert

I’ve been away at camp this week with my family, teens and junior campers. Consequently, that means I’m away from my chocolate stash. And away from my kitchen, within which I create all manner of delicious morsels full of caloric content. So, because it’s Friday…because I head back to my kitchen soon…Let’s talk about dessert, …

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