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Our Big Change

My family has a big change taking place in 2017. In order to make this as undramatic as possible, I’ll just come out and say it: we’re moving. Long story short: my husband, Jonathan is going to be an assistant pastor at my Dad’s church in Virginia. Short story long: well, how long do you …

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homeschooling: what we used for kindergarten

Oh, the head spinning effects of attempting to pick out curriculum for my first year of homeschooling! There were so many details to consider. I read countless reviews of books and products, had (what seemed like) a million conversations with other homeschooling mamas, and felt rather overwhelmed at the plethora of options available. When it finally …

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Summer Days

During our last week of school, I vividly remember this laughable conversation I had with Jonathan: Me: “I’m really not looking forward to taking a break from school.” Jonathan: “Why not?” Me: “It’s just been so great to have a steady routine and I’ve loved the time teaching Anna Grace! What am I going to do with …

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