Happy Monday to you!

How was your weekend? Profitable or relaxing, I hope.

Mine was kinda crazy. That’s because this sickness has really pinned me down. I thought I was pretty much over it by Thursday. Then Friday morning hit and wow – I felt like I got slammed by a truck. I drank a lemon/honey/hot water concoction in hopes of drowning out the sickness and took meds every 4 hours like a good girl. I think I’m on the upward trail now!

This past week has been quite busy. Of course, my sickness added to the “fun,” but it would have been a busy week anyway. You see, we’ve had Missions Conference at our church this week. That means, our evenings have all been spent at church. (minus the 2 nights I was too sick to go.) {sniff}

missions confawesome graphic designed by my {even more awesome} hubby

Sometimes we have weeks where every night is away from home and they are just plain ol’ draining.

But this week? Despite my sickness, this week has been such an encouragement.

Sure, every night we’re away from home and involved in church activities. And yes, I will be glad when we’re able to get more of a regular schedule in place – especially an earlier bedtime for the kiddos!

But you know what? My heart is full.
I’ve heard more preaching & testimonies of God’s grace than normal.
I have had more time with believers.
More time singing about Jesus and singing to Him.

Yep. it’s been a good week.

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