Burlap Wreath Tutorial

Hey everyone!  I am excited to be guest posting for Christa while she is enjoying some down time with her new little one.  My name is Christina and I blog at The Frugal Homemaker.com.

I have a beautiful wreath project I wanted to share with you today that is easy and cheap to make and can be customized pretty much any way you wish.  I originally made this project as part of a 31 days series last October when I posted for 31 days doing a different Pinterest project each day that I had pinned to my boards on Pinterest.  You can check out that series here.   This October I am working on a 31 days series entitled, 31 days of Fall inspiration.

So without further ado, here is the burlap wreath!  Made in the style of the rolled book page wreaths you see in blogland and all over Pinterest.

Burlap wreath (rolled book page style)

I was inspired by this pin from Made in a Day


I LOVE her wreath.  I have been really wanting to make a burlap wreath for a long time and hers was my favorite one.  Mine didn’t turn out quite as beautiful as hers but I still love it.

The one thing that prevented me from making hers (other than just my normal procrastination) was that she used burlap ribbon (or actually burlap garland) from Michael’s – 3 rolls of it!  And those rolls are around $5 each.  I just couldn’t justify spending $15 for the burlap alone not counting the wreath.  So I waited procrastinated.  Then I finally decided I was going to try it with regular burlap and cut it into strips.  You could do it in whatever color of burlap you want too – there are some fun colors and even prints out there.

straw wreath form

I started with a 10 inch straw wreath (which I purchased from Consumer Crafts.com) and 1 1/4 yards of natural burlap.  I seriously used every scrap of burlap I had and honestly would like to add a few more rolls, so I could probably buy 1 1/2 yards to make sure you have enough.  Burlap is $2.97/yard at my Walmart so would be less than $4.50 for 1 1/2 yards.

Burlap Book Page Wreath

I cut my burlap into 4 inch strips and then cut the strips into 4 inch squares.

Then you roll the burlap corner to corner and secure with some hot glue.  Make your rolls loose.  I started making mine tighter but you don’t need as many if you make them looser and her wreath looks like her rolls were loosely rolled not tightly rolled.

Burlap Book Page Wreath

Then work on gluing your burlap rolls all around your wreath.  I did one row on the back like this.

Burlap Book Page Wreath

Then flipped the wreath over and bent the corners of the rolls over and glued the next row like this.  Repeat this doing 4-5 rows until you get to the inside of the wreath.Burlap Book Page Wreath

This is the back of the wreath.  But you can see how the last 2 rows on the front, I didn’t bend the corner under but rather glued the rolls straight down.

Burlap Book Page Wreath

You honestly just have to play with it and see what works best for you.  When I got it all finished, I had to go back and secure some of the rolls with hot glue higher up on them so they wouldn’t flop over.

Burlap Book Page Wreath

I glued a ribbon on the back and it was finished!  I chose this gingham ribbon because I had it on hand and I liked the look of it with the burlap.  Plus I thought it might show you how this wreath could be dressed up for Christmas without screaming Christmas too.  You can use any color ribbon that you wish.

Burlap Book Page Wreath

I love it!  Even though it didn’t turn out looking exactly like hers (partly because of using a regular burlap instead of burlap ribbon and partly because I probably should have been more deliberate about getting my rows perfectly in line and straight too.)

Oh, and I didn’t do anything to the edges so they will fray over time.  But that is ok, I like the natural look of that.

Burlap Book Page Wreath

I have it on the back of my front door to show you, but I love my hydrangea wreath up there so it won’t stay here.

Burlap Book Page Wreath

This wreath would be perfect to use for Christmas too and all throughout the year – just add different colored ribbon for spring or summer or add some fun embellishments.

Burlap Book Page Wreath

Have you made a burlap wreath?
Or have you procrastinated on something because you didn’t want to spend the money required but then found some way to do it cheaper?

Thanks for having me, Christa!