Budget Blessings

2 months ago, Jonathan & I came up with a new budget for ourselves. It’s kinda strict and goes along with our “save-for-a-bigger-vehicle” scheme. However, there’s a little bit of wiggle room in a category we named “personal fund.” This personal fund is for anything we want to get that doesn’t exactly fall under the “grocery” or “electricity” budget. {Although, technically chocolate is food, so that would legitimately fall under the grocery category, am I right?}

My point of this post is not to go into our budget. And it’s not even to try to find a legit reason to buy a bag of Dove promises {dark chocolate with almonds}. My point is to show you this chair that I got at a yard sale:

And I didn’t think there would be enough $$ in my personal fund for it, so I didn’t even bother to ask. But it kept haunting me, so I went back to the sale and asked. The dude wanted $10. hmmm…

I thought.
I took a pic & measurements.
I left.
I talked with the man o’ the home.
And finally decided to get it.

I haggled.
And I paid $6. Out of my personal fund. Which, coincidentally, works out to be the price of 2 bags of Dove chocolates.

Part of the reason I love this chair so much? It’s because of the strict budget we have. And the fact that I was able to get a steal of a deal on it despite the budget/personal fund factor.

I haven’t regretted it once.


p.s. I have this chair all duded up now and in my living room. I love it. We are a great match. I will show him to you after this 31 Days Series is over and I have my pessimistic life back again. {har har har}


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