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This week, I began a Bible study with some sweet girls from my youth group. About 10 minutes before they arrived, I got Nate up from his bed. As I was changing his diaper, I realized that he had not only defiled his diaper, but also his entire outfit and backside. I popped him in the bathtub, gave him a super fast wipe-down, heard the girls arriving, and left the remains of the nastiness in the tub. {closing the shower curtain and hoping none of them would notice}

The blessing?

After Bible study, the bathtub got the best scrubdown of it’s life.


Here stands the man himself…surveying the aftermath {post cleaning}:


This blessing was in a gross and smelly disguise. But it turned out to be a blessing nonetheless.

What blessings in disguise have you experienced today?



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  1. Christina says:

    LOL! yep, at least you got a clean bathtup out of the bargain. In the last week I have had entire bottle of blueberry/grape juice poured in my carpet, another bottle of some other kind of fruit juice in it, and cat and little people throwup spots too. So hopefully this weekend I will get clean carpets out of it 😉 LOL! 🙂

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