August Happenings

Okay, friends – things are about to get serious.

How is it possible that Sunday is the first day of September?!

That’s ridiculous. Absolutely.

But whatever – here we are and I’m not complaining. After all, when Sunday hits and people ask when my baby is due, I’ll finally be able to respond, “Next month!” Woot!

Time for a little recap of the August happenings! Everyone I’ve heard from has said they like the new “links I love” features I’ve been doing on Fridays. I may not continue it forever, but for now, I think it’s kinda fun. Plus, it spreads some internet/blog love around to other people and that’s always a good thing! {Click on the picture to be taken to the post.}

links i love.8.2.13

I made some new curtains for my kids’ room & loooove them!


In this post, I showed several pics of home items I’m rather excited about{sidenote…I can’t wait!!! to show you what happened to the items below!}


I’m about ready to replenish my homemade chocolate syrup supply via the recipe in this post. SO GOOD.

links i love

This Southwest Layered Salad recipe is definitely one of my standbys for those 4:45 PM moments when I forgot to start on dinner. And it’s tasty, so ya know…that comes in handy.


I shared what I liked & didn’t like about this marriage book in this post. Any of you ever read this one?

whats it like to be married to me

You guys, I bought some watercolors – after being completely inspired by Emily. {using the gift card I mentioned here – yeow!} Prepare to see original art by yours truly being sold in a fine art boutique near you.

links i love.8.23.13

Big stuff is happening in my family this semester and here’s one way I’m dealing.

trust journal

Yum yum. I could eat up that white duvet. And the table lamp. And the cotton in the vases. I shared some inspiration from a free catalog here. {and this also sparked quite the facebook discussion, which was great fun!}


I am seriously considering buying some leathery rope stuff with this gift card, so I can make one of these lovely bracelets below. It depends. I’m not sure what it depends on, but I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

links i love

What could be better than something free that gets turned into home decor? I’m loving this bottle decor and it was so crazy easy to make. Go get thee an old bottle.

painted bottle decor

Last, a letter to Miley Cyrus in regards to her performance during the MTV VMAs.


And that’s a wrap for August! Happy Labor Day weekend to you!