Day 5 :: Attention, Please!!

Have you ever been talking to someone and you can tell they have no interest in the conversation?

Maybe they’re looking at you and nodding…

giving you a glassy stare…

constantly interrupting you…

or maybe they keep looking away at someone else while you’re talking.

No matter what they’re doing – you know you don’t have their attention.

I seem to have a lot of experiences like this and I’m sure you do too!

Perhaps that’s why this advice is so timely:

“Every season of life is different and requires new adjustments to build our marriage.
Throughout the years,
perhaps one of the very most important things I do,
need to do,
and need to remember is to give my wife undivided attention.
There is no substitute.”

~ Dan, married 32 years

Thanks, Dad, for that advice. 🙂 I will work to put it into practice with my husband today.


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