All I have is Jesus.
He’s the One Who has given me freedom from sin and purpose to live.

I’m not saying I’m stranded on an island with nothing to my name.
I have a lot. A whole, whole lot.

What I’m saying is that Jesus Christ is the most important thing about me – or about life, for that matter. And I want Him to be so central that when anything is taken away, I’m still living for Him. So that’s what I seek to live out – whether in my home, family, finances, church, or this site. Christ at the center.

If you’re still reading, I’m guessing you’re cool with that  – or maybe you’re just curious. Either way – Hi, let’s be friends!

My name is Christa.
I started blogging in 2010 as a foodie blogger. Until it hit me that I rarely create new recipes & am horrible at food photography.

So I quit that site, we moved to a different house, and I started doing a lot of DIY projects to get settled in. Jonathan (my husband) said, “Hey, you should start a blog and write about all this stuff you’re making!”

And so Brown Sugar Toast was born.

At first I tried to write about a lot of DIY projects and recipes. After several years, I realized that although I like to work on projects for my home if I need or want to, it’s really not my passion. Which begs the question: what do you like?

I like to write.

so what do you write about?

things I’m learning:
like why you need to break your rules10 Questions for Moms, and sharing how Christ has given you & me a specific way + place to shine.

break your rules & live by God's.   10 Questions for Moms :: my personal goals {part 1}   you are the light

You’ll also see posts about home matters:
like the shelf we my husband built from pallets, DIY canvas art, and the popular 31 day Simplify Series.

pallet shelf3   Make Custom Wall Art using a canvas & puffy paint. This step by step tutorial makes it easy!   Simplify 300

like 9 excellent books to build your marriage, date ideas, and the 31 day Marriage Series.

books to build your marriage

and life:
which encompasses everything from recipes, money saving tips, and book reviews.
IMG_4663-001   4 tips to get awesome clothes at cheap prices. love these!  fave books label

why {the name} Brown Sugar Toast?

The name – Brown Sugar Toast – came after a bajillion “I’m sorry, that site name is not available” notifications. Jonathan and I were standing in the kitchen brainstorming about a name and he said, “Think about something you love.”
Naturally, I thought of food. I think the first thing I said was my mom’s chicken and green bean casserole.
We mentally crossed that suggestion out.

Finally, we came upon the name. Brown Sugar Toast was a treat my mom would make when I was growing up. Toast bread, spread it with a little butter, and then liberally sprinkle brown sugar on top. Delish.
Who knew?

any other juicy details?

I know I’m biased, but I have an awesome family. Let’s start with my best friend, Jonathan.


It’s kind of a miracle we’re married after our whole crazy dating experience. But here we are – happily married and with 4 kids. He’s currently serving as an assistant pastor + in seminary for his Ph.D. We are not bored.

I have the very best job in the world, because I get to take care of these 4 babies and call it work. I mean, not that I get paid exactly, but God is teaching me to enjoy these years.

I shared my natural birth stories for NateMiles, and Karis, but Anna Grace got to skip out on that pleasure since she was born before my blogging world began.

I don’t share a ton of personal family posts + pics on here, but I do on instagram.


Or if you want to see all my behind-the-scenes inspiration, I’m also on Pinterest.

I share every post on facebook, so I’d love to connect with you there!


One new thing I’ve begun is my Read. Think. Learn. newsletter. This is something only for my email subscribers that I don’t post on my blog (or anywhere else online). These are more bite-sized writings focused on books I’m reading and lessons I’m learning. Find out more information and sign up here.


Can’t wait to have you along for the ride!





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