aaaaaaand we’re back!

The past 3 weeks have been full! I mentioned a little bit of our activity here, in case you have no idea what I’m talking about.

I wanted to give you a little re-cap of our missions trip to Brazil. Most of it will just be in picture format. Our main goals were to help the missionary family we were working with by assisting with VBS, a youth rally, tiling in several church rooms, and other outreach activities like English classes & canvassing.

Naturally, I didn’t take pictures of every activity. But I chose several that I thought you would enjoy and would give you a little taste of what happened over the past couple weeks. I’ll give a little recap at the end in case you wonder what in the world is going on in these pics:
brazil recap

1. chillin’ in the Charlotte airport, just waiting for our flights…
2. the chillin’ got boring for some people, so they proceeded to do pushups. I was totally content to be bored.
3. we made it! this was a sign in the Brazil airport that I just thought was too cool to pass up.
4. this sweet family had us in their home for dinner. the food = amazing. I was a little nervous about it, because I was planning to eat whatever they served. there was no need for nervousness. everything was delicious & there were no adverse effects. in case you were wondering. ahem.
5. this guy. love him. and hats are awesome too. especially when you’re shoveling sand + dirt and you look like a hot mess.
6 -7. these kids were just about the ages of my kids. and so I hung out with them a lot. I took videos of them being silly and Anna Grace loves watching them!
8. snack time at VBS. this little guy’s smile and laugh were so contagious!
9. I looked over during the youth rally and saw Jonathan protecting this little girl from the big ball. I mean…I just had to take a pic. #whataguy
10. some friends I met during the youth rally. they taught me Portuguese & I taught them English. thankfully, they knew way more English than I knew Portuguese, so we were able to communicate pretty well.
11. Big Ball at the youth rally! they loved it!
12. the flight home. AKA discarded food trays & a fun movie.
13. first sighting of my beautiful Charlotte.
14. okay, this was clearly the best part about coming home. these 3 precious kids stylin’ in their Brazil shirts while Daddy reads them a story.

Overall, the trip went well and we’re thankful for the many times we saw God answer our prayers. He gave much grace and we are so grateful!