A Sign of the Times

Most parents of kids will understand this sight:

2 dirty car

It’s the sign of a well-used vehicle. One which contains children – perhaps multiple children.

Let’s play I Spy, shall we?

I spy a hairclip,
teething toy,
teddy grahams,
some sort of green stain from who-knows-what,
and a host of crumbs.

I once heard a man say, “Parents, when you buy a minivan, immediately douse it with koolaid & goldfish. Consecrate that van for the training of your kids and then you won’t be upset when said koolaid & crumbs become ground in the carpet.”

I remember thinking – “My vehicle will never look like that. I won’t allow it.”

Excuse me while I eat my words. 1 car + 2 kids + 1 road trip = messy vehicle.

There are 2 blessings to this messy vehicle:

1. We had a good trip. And part of that good trip is due to my letting the kids eat lunch in the car instead of stopping (and thereby getting to our destination later).

2. Sometimes it’s okay to have a messy car. Especially when that mess happens from kids and long trips. It reminds me that life is not centered around stuff. My “stuff” is just a tool. And tools are at their best when they are being used. Sometimes that means they get dirty in the process. Sometimes they even break. But they’re just tools. And so it’s okay.



P.S. We cleaned our car. {clarification: Jonathan cleaned the car. thanks, honey!}


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  1. Sayrah says:

    I spy my bobby pin! 😉
    In the same boat, regularly. We know it’s time to take the car apart for a massive cleaning when the front seat approaches the back seat in extreme disrepair. Hahaha!

  2. Christina says:

    and the blessing you have kids to make such a mess. 🙂 Although even though we don’t have kids, in toting my nieces and nephews around my car has looked the same. a pile of cheerios, spilled milk (yuck!), hairbows, quarters (from yardsaling trips with my nieces) 🙂 and more. cleaned ours 2 weeks ago – so far so good for now. 🙂

  3. Jessica Y says:

    The *best* is the two week old sippy of orange juice that you find under the seat! I don’t have toddlers any more, but we still get the cruddy car. 6 weeks of sunday school papers, m & m’s that have rolled to the back, stickers that someone thought would look cool stuck to a window, etc. 🙂

  4. Christa says:

    LOL Jessica!!! “Stickers that someone though would look cool stuck to a window” bahahaha…that’s awesome. and horrible at the same time. 😀

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