A Happy Sofa Story

Hey hey! Happy Monday to you!

There are several projects around my home that are long overdue to be shared with ya. Remember I told you ages ago that I was working on a pallet project? Pretty sure that was over 3 months ago… But since having Miles, and then Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year’s…well, things have been kinda busy – both on the blog & in my family.

Today, however, is a very good day to tell you about one of my recent home updates. It took place in my living room – which, to refresh your memory, used to look like this:


The 3 main pieces of furniture being my large brown sofa, slipcovered loveseat, & $6 chair.

Let me back up.

For a while {we’re talking 5 1/2 years}, I’ve been hoping to get some new sofas. I was super thankful for the ones we had {which were graciously handed down to us}, but I had been hoping to get something in a lighter neutral that wasn’t slipcovered. So, over the past few years, I would peruse craigslist to see if there was anything I liked.

One Friday evening, I was browsing craig’s list & came across a microfiber sofa & loveseat with a price of $200. What?

I checked out the pictures, expecting to see something with large stains or something.

No stains. Hmmm…I emailed the seller, asking if they were still available.

And oh yeah, would you take $150?

They said yes.

By this point, I was rather giddy. But I tried to tame myself with the thought that maybe there was something horribly wrong with the sofas that wasn’t shown in the pics. I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high.

The next day, we borrowed a truck from our super awesome friend, and drove over to check out the sofa & loveseat. BAM – they were just exactly as they looked in the pictures! I handed over the cash while my hubby did all the hard work of heaving the sofas. I mean, I was 8 1/2 months prego at this point.

And here they sit – happy in their new home:

new couches2

new couches

And here’s where I make all these qualifications about how I know they aren’t perfect…I mean, I know they aren’t. But they’re perfect for us. 😉
They’re squishy & comfortable. And they already have some drool marks on them from little ones napping on them.
They’re super deep – which means I can lie on them with Nate next to me and neither of us fall off. It also means there’s a need for pillows – which, as you can see, I’ve already supplied. I got the 2 big button pillows from Marshall’s and made the white fur pillows.

So, that’s my happy craigslist sofa story. Have you gotten anything awesome from Craigslist recently?
Or had any bad experiences with it?
 I did right before Christmas…it’s still a sensitive topic & it took me awhile to get over it. Clearly, I’m still bitter. But this sofa story is helping to ease my bitterness. ahem.






p.s. coming on Wednesday – a celebration & giveaway! woot woot!



  1. Abby says:

    Congratulations on your new sofa and couch. They are beautiful! I have never done business on Craigslist yet and am very reluctant even when I hear great stories like yours.

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