A Great Leap :: 9/52

Having fun with a photo challenge over at My 3 Boybarians. If you like to take pictures, you should come join. It really is a lot of fun!

Last week’s theme was A Great Leap – in honor of leap day. I’m late to the par-tay because my computer breathed its last and I had to wait a couple weeks to get a new one. All computer stories aside, here are my pics for last week’s theme.


 ~ ~ ~

There she stands.

She knows what lies before her.

She remains confident. Calm. Collected.

Shielding her eyes (and perfectly tanned face) from the harsh sun, she pauses to look at her fans.

She does not allow the cheering to distract her, but uses it to motivate her great leap into the air.

With perfect precision, she leaps – taking care to maintain correct posture.


The descent *appears* to happen in slow motion, but she is confident her return to solid ground will happen quickly.

Leaning forward, she begins to brace herself for the hard fall.

(Of course, nothing but her best heels will do for a leap like this. It’s all about the looks.)

No amount of practice could have prepared her for this fall.

She lies. Tired. Breathless. Gazing at the sky.

And all the while, she maintains a perfect posture and composure.

Because after all, she is Barbie.



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