A few happy things

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Hello! Just a few happy things I wanted to share with you:


the winner of the Shabby Apple gift card was announced here! Woohoo for giveaways!


someone recently told me they didn’t know what it meant to subscribe to Brown Sugar Toast. And, to their credit…I haven’t made it super easy to do that. That’s why you’ve been seeing that little “welcome” message at the beginning of every post. So, if you’re confused, here’s a quick little rundown: 

first, when you subscribe to a blog, that means that every post gets delivered to you. You can choose to have the posts delivered to your email address or to a blog reader. That way, you don’t have to come check out this site every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Instead, the posts come straight to you!

second, there are 2 ways to subscribe by email:



You can either click on the little “mail” icon right above my picture or you can click on the “sign up for free email updates” link.

Of course, I’m always glad to have you stop by the actual blog – but if it makes it easier on you to just get posts via email, then do what’s easiest!


I did a guest post for Ever After Blueprint on Monday that I totally forgot to tell you about. I guess I just had freezable pizza dough on the brain. {talk about a brainfreeze… ha. ha. ha.} Andrea contacted me last month and asked me to answer a few question about my marriage. So, ya know, if you’re interested in some of the details on that subject, head on over to Ever After Blueprint to check out the details. {I even gave a teensy part of my dating story!}


I was browsing around the web last night and realized the Homie awards are going on. I was going through the list to see who people were nominating and lo and behold – some beautiful person nominated Brown Sugar Toast. Check. it. OUT!!

homie awards

And you know what? I didn’t nominate myself. Or even vote for myself. And neither did I set anyone else up to vote for me. That means 3 people did it out of their own sane minds. Oh beautiful people – if you are reading this right now – know that you {all 3 of you} have just completely made my evening. I promise to feed you cookies and milk out of my sincere gratitude.

You think I’m kidding about being excited about 3 votes? Even when there are a bajillion other sites that have 3 votes?

Nope. Nosirree.

If you would like to get in on the cookies and milk deal, go ahead and vote for Brown Sugar Toast for the Homies Award.


So – there you have it. 4 lovely things. Let me know when you’re ready for your cookies and milk.



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