4 Ways to Drink More Water

My husband tells me I drink a lot of water.

After the new year rolled around and I began thinking through monthly goals, I decided to test his statement to see just how much water I drink in an average day. After I had downed a gallon no problemo before 9 PM, I concluded he was right: I do indeed drink a lot of water.

Sometimes people struggle with drinking enough water. I don’t propose all people everywhere should be drinking an entire gallon of water daily. But a quick internet search will tell you that the majority of people are dehydrated without even realizing it. So if you struggle to drink water throughout the day, here are 4 ways to help you get more water into that body of yours…

4 ways to drink more water

1. Start with a Gallon Jug.

Wash out an empty milk jug. Or grab a pitcher. Fill it full and drink from it throughout the day. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to tell exactly how much water you drank during that 24 hour period. This is how I measured mine!

2. Add some flavor.

If you are used to drinking flavored beverages, water might seem bleah to you at first. Instead of adding sugary flavored packets to liven your drink, try a slice or two of lime, lemon, or orange. Go wild and use all three! I’ve even put bottled lemon juice in my water just to spruce it up a little. Add a little pizzazz to regular old water!

3. Mark it down.

If you don’t have access to a gallon of water to store all day, just mark down how many cups of water you drink. I’ve used a sticky note on the fridge and I’ve used my phone. Just put a little tick mark whenever you finish a glass/bottle, and at the end of the day you’ll have a lovely record of water consumption.

4. Get a water bottle.

Okay, this is really my NUMBER ONE TIP! This is the only way I’m able to drink so much water. When I misplace my water bottle, I find myself getting thirsty throughout the day because I just forget to drink. My bottle goes with me everywhere. In the car, on the playground, to church, on vacation, etc. My water bottle and I have such an extremely tight relationship, I should give it a name. Only I’m having enough trouble thinking up a name for this new baby, so maybe I should just focus all my naming abilities to that task.

Because I believe so much in maintaining a close relationship with one’s water bottle, each member of my family has their own. Water is 95% of what my kids drink, save for the occasional appearance of orange juice. In the summer, I always bring their bottles when we go on errands and they frequently drain them during our hot summers. This usually means at least one potty stop in public restrooms, but hey – give and take.

Here’s our current bottle situation:
4 ways to drink more water


The first two are mine – a friend got me #1 and Jonathan got me #2.
I always use #2 in the summer because it’s insulated and keeps drinks COLD even when we’re walking in the 98 degree sticky heat.

We got #3 for Anna Grace last Christmas. It’s the same brand I use in the summer and is pricey, which is why we saved it for a Christmas present. She loves having a bottle that keeps her water cold and I’m hoping to upgrade the boys’ bottles at some point.

Both my boys have #4 – one has dinos & the other has gators. I’m not a huge fan of these bottles for 2 reasons:
*they’re difficult to clean
*the bite valves are easily ripped if your children either chew on them or stick their finger down the center. Which both of my boys do. So they’re both ripped. Womp womp. Thus the upgrade to #3 bottles at some point.

Jonathan has #5, only in gray. I thought the blue was prettier, though, so that’s why it made it into the picture. The bottle has held up well for him, seeing as he doesn’t treat it in the same manner our boys do. It’s not insulated, but he’s typically in an air conditioned work environment through the day, so the insulation isn’t as big of a concern.

So there you have it! 4 ways to drink more water & our family’s water bottles for your viewing pleasure.
What’s your water consumption look like these days? Have you tried any of these tips?


  1. Diana says:

    We love Santa Cruz lemon juice for our water. Whatever lemons they use are almost sweet, and it’s so satisfying 🙂 It’s a bit pricey, but worth it in our opinion 🙂

  2. Diana says:

    Our Kroger has it in the natural foods section, and probably any store like Earth Fare or Whole Foods would have it. (Trader Joe’s may have an equivalent that’s just as tasty for all I know!)

    I just saw that it’s $9.68 for 16 oz on Amazon–yikes! We do NOT pay that much. It’s $6 or $7 for 32 oz at Kroger. I can usually get it for low $6s through our wholesale buying club. It lasts forever since you’re only using a teaspoon or two at a time, and we got an olive oil cruet to pour it out of so it doesn’t gush out. Hope that helps! (Oh, and their lime juice is fantastic for Mexican dishes 🙂 )

  3. Christa says:

    Mmmm…sounds delish! Thanks so much for the helpful info! I’ll check Trader Joe’s next time I’m there to see what they have!

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