31 Day Simplify Series :: limit your options {day 14}

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I’m about to disclose some information to you which will probably put me in the Worst Mom Ever category in a lot of minds. But I’ve considered the risk and I think I’m okay with it.

You ready for this?

I only give my kids 2 options for breakfast.

Shut the front door. I know. Wanna hear something else shocking?

Neither of those 2 options involve cereal.

Clearly, I’ve been written off as a weirdo in someone’s book.

So what are the options?


My daughter likes oatmeal with a little cinnamon sugar & milk.
My son and husband like granola & milk.
I like oatmeal & granola mixed.
Miles usually shares with me.

So we each have our own little preferences within the limit of 2 breakfast options.

Sometimes I get all crazy and make pancakes on Saturday. Sometimes I get on a baking spree and we have banana bread (I like this, but cut the sugar in half) or pumpkin cream cheese muffins.

But generally, you’ll find us munching on oatmeal, granola {here’s the recipe!}, or a mixture of the two.

Seriously. So much simpler than the bajillions of options in the cereal aisle. I know what to expect. My family knows what to expect. And we love it.


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