31 Day Simplify Series :: Filter {day 23}

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Yesterday I gave you an assignment. Remember that? Now that you’ve picked out the 3 words to describe your home’s purpose {check here if you need some ideas}, let’s talk about why that’s important.

Unless something has purpose, there are no boundaries. There are also no goals or filters. It’s a total free-for-all. And while that might sound lovely at first glance, it’s really not lovely at all.

If I don’t have purpose for my home, what’s to hinder me from leaving it a complete wreck all the time? Never cleaning anything so that it smells terrible? Filling it to the brim with things that I buy or that people give me because, well, why not?

Without purpose, every question is “why not?” – and there’s no good answer.

However! When I have purpose for my home, every single thing I do in my home can be filtered through that grid. Let’s bring out an example to make things easier to understand.

Let’s say that your 3 purpose words for your home are Welcoming, Simple, & Calm.

Now keeping those words in your mind, look around your home. Can everything in your living room be described by at least 1 of those 3 words? How about the rest of the rooms?

Most likely, everything in your home cannot fit into those words. And that’s okay – for now. Because you just discovered what the purpose of your home was yesterday. And seeing as most people in the world don’t have $ to plunk down just because they decided the purpose of their home was to be artsy and there’s not a shred of artsy-ness anywhere…just…breathe. And work at it over time.

Filter. Filter everything. Otherwise there’s just a pile of stuff.


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