31 Day Simplify Series :: A Recap


Over the past month, I have written the word “simplify” so much that it’s begun to look like a weird word. You know how that happens? You stare at a word so long that you begin to wonder if you even spelled it right?

I just wanted to give a little recap on what I learned from writing this series:

I Greatly Value Simplicity.

I knew I liked it before. That’s why I chose this topic. But wow – when I wrote about it for 31 days? I realized I like it more now than I did last month. It’s like when you start to work at a restaurant and you eat there every day for the first month. If you still love the food after that, you’re
a) either crazy OR
b) that’s some pretty amazing food.

I’ve discovered that simplicity is pretty amazing, not because of the things it takes out of your life – but because of what it makes room for after you’ve purged your life/schedule of clutter.

I’m in a less-is-more stage.

I currently have 3 kids ages 4 and under. I crave simplicity. Part of that is probably because everything else is so not simple. So my husband and I are cool with eating the same meal twice a month since it means that part of our lives is totally simplified. I sometimes miss cooking new recipes. And so if I have time, I’ll throw a new recipe into the mix. But the bottom line? At this stage of having littles, I prefer having less variety in meals and more time to devote to other things. Like laundry. Seriously. It’s been bad lately.

[sidenote: that post I wrote about 6 ways to make laundry fun? dumbest.post.ever. laundry is not fun. <—– period. these were the thoughts that coursed through my mind as I sorted through a bajillion clothes last week. you’re welcome.]

Goals are awesome.

I am a goal-oriented person. As long as they’re semi-reasonable, thought through, and have been given the stamp of approval by my psychiatrist husband. Okay, scratch the semi-reasonable. I like making crazy goals sometimes.

You know what I learned over this series? I can do a lot more than I think I can. I know, I know. That sounds like a children’s book. But it’s true. There’s absolutely no way I would have taken time to write blog posts 31 days in a row unless I had made the goal to do it. No way, Jose.
But I did it! Yippee! Party! Fireworks! Ice cream!

And so now I’m all – hmmm…what other goals shall I make for myself? {said in a sinister, low tone while stroking non-existent beard. thank goodness for the non-existent part.}

You guys are awesome.

Thank you for reading. I don’t really even know who you are. So that feels kinda weird and non-authentic to say. But thanks anyway. I really wrote this to help someone else like it’s helped me. And some of you have mentioned to me via email or facebook how you enjoyed this series. And that makes me so very, very happy.

So, thanks. Another 31 day series is now history.

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