31 Day Simplify Series :: 2 meals in 1 {day 16}

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We talked about breakfast + I gave you my simple granola recipe yesterday. Let’s move on the next meal of the day: lunch.

For all of you who either stay home with littles or have access to a microwave at work/school, this suggestion is for you:

Make 2 meals in 1.

And that means?
Make extra for dinner so that you have enough for lunch the next day.

This is what we do for lunch 91.7% of the time. The other 8.3% (give or take a number) is what happens when we run out of leftovers. In which case I usually make sandwiches, a snack lunch (cut up fruit, veggies, and a boiled egg or two….this happens to be my kids’ favorite type of lunch!), or quesadillas.

Eating leftovers for lunch is awesome because:

  • you save time preparing another meal. just heat & eat!
  • you save $$ by eating what you already have instead of making more.

Also, I find that when we eat leftovers for lunch, we’re generally eating healthier food (veggies, grains, etc.) because I’m not just slapping peanut butter and jelly on bread and calling it a meal. Nothing against PBJs because they’re pretty tasty.  Buuuut let’s face it…veggie chili is a whole lot healthier & tastier!

So, give it a try! Next time you make dinner, make extras for the next day’s lunch. Tell me if it works to simplify lunch for your family!


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