31 day series: life. intentionally.

Sometimes you need to do something even when it’s scary.
Especially when it’s scary.

Introducing a 31 day series. Only not in writing.

a 31 day periscope series@ CThrelfallwww

This series is on Periscope, which is basically a video streaming app where you can subscribe to someone’s video feed {my username is CThrelfall} and watch their live videos. An advantage to youtube is that viewers can actually type a comment during the video to agree, disagree, ask a question, etc. The app only saves videos for 24 hours, but I’ll also save them on this site, where you can watch any you may have missed.

Here are some details:

  • The 31 day series will begin October 1.
  • I plan to scope each day at 9 PM EST. I’m estimating each scope will be about 5-7 minutes long.
  • All topics will be under the theme of an intentional life.
  • My husband is pretty excited (not an exaggeration!) to join me for some of these scopes. He’s as comfortable in front of a camera as I am awkward…like I already mentioned in this marriage interview post.
  • I’m scared. See point above about me + awkward.

If you have something specific under the “intentional life” topic that you want to hear about, please let me know!

Okay. I did it. I’m about to press publish. This is scary.
Let’s do it!

You can find all 31 days of the Life. Intentionally. video series below: (I’ll update the links as they’re available!)

  1. why I chose this topic
  2. what does “intentional” even mean? & part two
  3. why should I be intentional? {starring my guy!}
  4. How do I know what my intentions should be?
  5. Grrr. I accidentally recorded this on my husband’s account which isn’t set up to save them on katch! Unfortunately, I think it’s lost forever. Sad times.
  6. Marriage: What’s the Purpose?
  7. Marriage: Translating the Purpose to Real Life
  8. Marriage: Date Nights: why + what + how {including Jonathan’s mad art skillz}
  9. Marriage: 2 Things You Need for Successful Conflict Resolution
  10. Marriage: Conflict Resolution >> the toilet paper incident <<
  11. Marriage: how to use your words
  12. Marriage: Make a Marriage Moment
  13. Relationships: 3 ways to listen well
  14. Relationships: what’s the purpose of friendship?
  15. Relationships: intentional friendships [part 2]
  16. Loneliness: what to do when you’re lonely
  17. Scheduling your life [instead of life scheduling you]
  18. The Vital Importance of  R E S T
  19. Social Media: using it without getting lost
  20. Let’s Talk about FOOD. // part 2
  21. Dealing with Disappointments
  22. Intentional Fitness
  23. Intentionally Saying “No”
  24. 3 words that KILL intentional living
  25. Intentional Filtering
  26. Intentionally Present // part 2
  27. on Living an Adventurous Life
  28. an Intentional Learner
  29. Laugh a little, will ya?
  30. Maintaining your intentions
  31. The Perspective of Intention

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