2015 Reader Survey Results

Two weeks ago, I begged and pleaded with you for some feedback. I even tried to guilt trip you into taking the Reader Survey by pulling out the ‘it’s my half-birthday’ card.

Here’s your virtual organic cherry {picture via}:


First of all, THANK YOU to all of you who took time out of your day to take the survey. I dislike taking surveys, so please know that my thankfulness truly comes from the bottom of my cherry loving heart. But not the maraschino ones drenched in syrup. which is why I offered you a plain one.

I admit – I was rather scared to put out a survey and have OPEN ENDED responses. What if they hate me? And write all sorts of mean comments? And my husband has to have even more therapy sessions with me to put my fragile personage back together?

And I was also unsure how many responses I would get. All in all, 101 of you completed the survey. This even surprised Jonathan who said, “Wow. I thought you’d maybe get 10 responses. I hate filling out surveys.” I decided not to ask him if he filled mine out. 

This is me, after reading the responses:
state of the blog address

GUYS. You’re real! And you’re nice. And apparently I only have one arm per my sketch above. Whoops. I must have deleted the other one accidentally. Oh well. I have more character this way.

Anyway, I figured you would be curious about the results, so here you go:

state of the blog address

Woah. I had no clue most of you have been reading for 1-2 years?!?! That’s a long time.

state of the blog address

This is the question that MOST shocked me. I had no clue that most of you find out about posts via facebook! The reason that surprises me is because facebook rarely shows my posts to people. Via the stats they send me, usually only 20% of people who ‘like’ Brown Sugar Toast see the updates I post on facebook. If you want to see the posts, the easiest way is to sign up for emails. Or Bloglovin…which is how I follow most blogs. And if you want to join the crowd, here’s the Brown Sugar Toast facebook page, where I post random thoughts, pictures, and posts.

state of the blog address

Apologies to whoever was sad that my age ranges were so large. 😀

state of the blog address

state of the blog address

Just one thing: YOU ARE MY PEOPLE.

You have no idea how happy I am to see that some of you want less recipes and crafts.

I have a secret to tell you: I don’t really like crafts.

No, really. It’s true. I mean, sure – I like making things that I want to wear, display or give. But as far as just crafting for the sake of crafting? It conjures up images of lots of little pieces, intricate details, and a demand for perfectly cut corners. And frankly, just writing that out gives me the heebie jeebies.

And recipes? I mean, I’m not a kitchen whiz. Or anything close to it. I love good food. But at this point in my life, I’m not into creating feats of culinary genius in the kitchen. Maybe I will be in the future. But I sorta doubt it.

state of the blog address

It greatly amused me that some of you humored me enough to check the “I wait all day…” box. 2 posts/week won in this vote.

state of the blog address

The only reason I even added this question is because Michael Hyatt had it in his and I thought maybe I should too. Whatevs. Definitely don’t feel bad if you haven’t recommended Brown Sugar Toast to others. The point of it was not to cause guilt, but because I was trying to imitate someone else. So seriously, whatever.

So that’s all the graphs! 50 of you answered the last question, “How can I make Brown Sugar Toast better?” and there were some helpful thoughts there. Thank you for being constructive in your input! Every single comment was kind – and from the comment reading I’ve done via blogs, facebook, and other sites, I’d say that’s pretty unusual.

As this post is getting pretty long {and my children are about done with their rest time}, I’ll share some of your comments and my thoughts about blog changes in the next post.

Once again, thank you. Picture me – giving you an awkward, one-arm hug via my stick figure above.
Or maybe not.