10 Questions for Moms :: my personal goals {part 2}

10 Questions for Moms :: my personal goals {part 1}

If you haven’t read my personal goals for questions 1-5 {and provided me with your electronic signature}, you can do that here. Or if you haven’t checked out the 10 Questions for Moms, click here.

Otherwise, let’s get this show on the road. Here are my personal goals for questions 6-10:

Am I intentionally discipling my children to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength?

Clearly, the whole “discipling children” thing doesn’t really happen during 30 minute segments. It’s definitely a ‘life thing.’ However, one thing I’ve added to our schedule in an attempt to be more intentional in teaching them is a morning Bible & prayer time. We usually have a family devotional time in the evenings before bedtime. But in the mornings, we read a Psalm, talk about a verse or 2 {just whatever sticks out to me}, and then we each pray. I just told Jonathan that this has easily become my most favorite part of the day. To hear them pray and just talk to God? Priceless. I shared one of the things Anna Grace prayed here.

Do I use my time with friends primarily to encourage them in their walk with God or to serve myself?

So I guess I could ask my friends. Like I asked my husband this question.
But that could get ugly. Let’s not talk about how.

I read this article on friendships yesterday. And that’s my goal – to pursue Christ along with my friends.
If they don’t know Him? Then I want to show them Christ.
If they do? Then I want to have a relationship where we’re both turning each other’s eyes back to Him.

Am I regularly sharing the Gospel with others? How can I do this more effectively?

I shared a story with you before about regularly being a light just while doing whatever you’re doing. And that’s something God has taught me – to be looking and praying for opportunities to share Jesus with others. That way, when someone comes to my door, my response can be, “Oh look! God brought someone right to my door because He knew I wasn’t going to get out of the house today!” instead of, “EVERYONE BE QUIET UNTIL THEY LEAVE.”

Also, there’s a mom’s group in my area that I’ve been able to get involved with – things like playdates and such. It has been great for my kids and for me, so I plan to get involved there at least once a month.

Do my children know that I love to be with them? What can I do to build my love relationship with them and so teach them about God’s forever love?

My kids have very different personalities. So what speaks love to one doesn’t necessarily speak love to another. But there was one simple thing that came to mind for each of my kids.
Right now, Anna Grace loves playing games and being read to. So each day before rest time, I’ve been reading a chapter or two of a longer book. She’s eating it up!
Nate loves to snuggle – especially after his nap. This coincides with my time to get dinner ready. No bueno. But I’ve been working to get some dinner prep done early so that I can hold him for a while. He’s a big fan – and let’s be honest – I love it.
Miles loves to be held and read to. My parents got him a train book for Christmas that he loves reading! We usually read that on repeat.

Am I effectively stewarding my night hours so that my home, body, and mind are prepared to rest?

No. I was clearly NOT doing this well. Which is why I asked myself this question. Here are my personal goals:

  • kitchen counters/sink cleared
  • toys & other random objects off floors
  • oatmeal in bowls for breakfast
  • sleeping by 11

Lemme tell ya, it makes getting up earlier the next day so much easier when I can wake up to a clean{ish} house.

So, that’s it. My 10 personal answers to the 10 questions. Has this been a bore to read? Because I’ve been kinda bored to write it out. Maybe because I’ve been thinking through it so much? Or maybe because it is legitimately boring.

However, I remind myself that you did actually ask for it. Or at least some of you did. And so, I hope it’s been a bit helpful – or at least amusing – to you! 😉

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