10 of my favorite products from 2014

Before I get started, let me just say that I’m not ignoring the 10 Questions for Moms in the New Year post. Several of you have mentioned via facebook, email, or in the comments that you would like to see my goals breakdown. I’ve written my goals down on paper, but have yet to write them on my computer. Look for that next week!

10 favorites from brownsugartoast

I discover some of my favorite things from other people’s recommendations. Over the last 3 weeks, I’ve kept a running list of some of my favorite products from 2014. Most of these are items I use every week – if not every day – so I figured they very much deserved the top 10 placement.

Let’s begin, shall we?

#10 :: handheld milk frother

The only reason this guy is coming in 10th place is because I just got him a couple weeks ago –  December 25, to be exact. So far, I love it. It makes great foam in under 10 seconds, is easily cleaned, and has made me feel like a snooty barista. Now whether that’s a good thing or not, I’ll let my husband decide. He can’t deny, however, that my coffee drinking {& enjoying} abilities have drastically increased in the past month. I give this frother some of the credit.


#9 :: ceramic coffee dripper

My uncle sent this ceramic coffee dripper to Jonathan and I quietly claimed it as my own. Okay, so we share it actually. It is one of the other reasons my coffee drinking has increased dramatically in the past month. In fact, we put our automatic coffee maker under the cabinet. We tell ourselves it’s because we don’t use it anymore, but maybe we’re a little ashamed to even have the device in our homes after tasting of the wonders of pour over coffee. Maybe not.




#8 :: owl necklace

I bought this necklace a couple years ago. It’s currently $3 with free shipping. If you’re a high quality jewelry girl, this isn’t for you. But if you like the costume stuff, $3 is a pretty great price. I always get compliments with this necklace. Not that life is all about compliments. And maybe some people give compliments because they don’t know how else to explain why they’re staring at my necklace. But whatever. It’s fun + a bit funky, so we have fun with it. And by “we” I mean my kids and I. They love it when I wear this necklace. He even has a name.
Don’t worry. I don’t always name inanimate objects.

#7 :: cocoa butter lotion

I’ve been using this lotion for years. It smells like cocoa butter, so if that’s not your favorite scent, definitely take a pass. But I love it because there’s not a strong scent and it rubs in easily without making me feel like a ball of grease. Actually, I think I’m currently using the Target brand of this lotion because it was a tad bit cheaper. The link above takes you to amazon, but if you decide to buy it, you might find a cheaper price in store!


#6 :: bengal spice tea

This tea is one of my current favorite beverages. If you like spicy chai, this has your name written all over it. My fave way to drink it is with a little milk and honey added. Even my kids like this – although I usually up the milk in their cups because of the spice factor. Yum.

#5 :: insulated travel mug

This mug keeps my hot drinks actually hot for 12 hours. Seriously. I already told you that story. I’ve come to realize I’m a bit persnickety about my hot drink temperature. I like them to be hot. Or else I’d rather not drink them until I can access a microwave. So a while ago, when I ordered a coffee, I actually transferred it to this travel mug. I mean, if that isn’t dedication to my drink temperature, I don’t know what is.

#4 :: leopard patterned scarf

I also mentioned this scarf here. Only now it’s $4.99 for 2 instead of when I bought mine – $3.99 for 1. I like wearing this with otherwise blah outfits to add a bit of interest. It’s a lightweight fabric, so I’ve even worn it during warm-ish weather without feeling stifled. Definite win.

#3 :: the best knife in the world

Clearly, I’ve paid compliments to this knife before. And he’s not a 2014 acquisition into my kitchen. But I use him so much he just had to make the list. Whereas before I owned him, I always hated cutting things, this knife actually makes cutting things . . . I was going to say enjoyable. But I mean, this is cutting we’re talking about. So anyway, back on topic – this knife makes cutting much easier. And thus gives me more time to enjoy other things. There. That’s honest. I mean, there have been moments when I enjoy cutting…like when I’m listening to a good podcast and it’s just therapeutic.
Wait – did I just say I found cutting to be therapeutic?
Anyway…here’s the knife:


#2 :: coconut oil

I use this coconut oil daily. In granola, over fresh popcorn, as a face moisturizer, shaving ‘cream’, diaper rash ointment. . . This definitely gets into my top 10 products because of the sheer number of times it gets used in my home. Good stuff.

#1 :: immersion blender

Alright, my friends. This guy wins #1 spot. I got him {her? maybe I should call it a her because mine is pink} a while ago on the recommendations from several friends. I have used this for baby food, smoothies, soups, and sauces. The thing that sells me on it over my blender is that
1) I don’t have to transfer my food into the blender container. I can just blend my soup up in the pot.
2) I only have to clean up one piece. So no pulling apart several pieces of my heavy blender – I just pop the end off this guy and stick it in my dishwasher.
The only thing I don’t like using this for is grinding up dry things {sometimes I grind oatmeal} – because there’s no lid to hold in the dust. Other than that, I use this for all my blending needs.


So. That’s the rundown of 10 of my fave products from 2014.

10 favorites from brownsugartoast


Do you have/love any of these? What’s one of your favorite things from 2014?

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  1. Ok….I see several things that I now *need* to try. First and formost would be the owl necklace. I have been ogling this particular necklace for years and have just never bought it. And the price is always right, so it’s clearly simply an issue with me. No more. I’m totally getting it now. 😉

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed it.

  2. Emily Freeman says:

    Recently found your blog through Tim Challies. Love your posts!

    Thanks for the thermos rec. My husband is a professor and his schedule this semester requires him to be teaching for four and a half hours back to back. We got the thermos for him and he says it’s wonderful! Hot tea a couple hours in keeps his voice from giving out 🙂

  3. Christa says:

    thanks for the encouragement, Emily!
    I am SO glad your husband loves the thermos!! On rare occasions, I let my husband use mine. Only when I’m feeling in an especially generous mood. 😉

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